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Travelpro Crew 10 22 inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter Review

The Travelpro Crew 10 22-inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter is a carry-on sized suitcase designed with the frequent traveler in mind. It is made with nylon coated with Duraguard which is resistant to abrasions, water and stains and is equipped with durable number 10 zippers. The extension handle is made with Travelpro’s patented power scope aluminum, designed to minimize wobble and has multiple stops at 38-inches and 42.5 inches to accommodate persons of different heights.

The Travelpro Crew 10 22-inch Expendable Rollaboard Suiter can be carried using top and side leather carry handles as well as a bottom grab handle which allows the bag to be easily held horizontally. The bag has stair and curb guards as well as large wheels with wheel housing and skid guards for added durability.

It has two exterior front pockets, the smaller document pocket can be used for your passport, cellphone, keys and tickets while the larger pocket is big enough to hold your laptop or tablet or even an extra jacket.

The main compartment of the Travelpro crew 10 22-inch Suiter is expendable to ensure that you can carry everything you need on your trip. It has a wet compartment built into the side so that your toiletries are secured. It has a mesh pocket on the other side which is great for small things like your cell phone charger etc. The bag comes with adjustable compression straps that move side to side to better secure your clothes and keep them wrinkle free. The lid has a built-in suiter which holds suits or dresses and has bolsters to keep them wrinkle free during travel. The bottom part of the suiter is detachable so you don’t have to carry it if you don’t need it on your trip.


The Travelpro Crew 10 22-inch Expandable Rollaboard Suiter is a uniquely designed carry-on sized bag with lots of organized storage but some users consider it a huge step down from the Travelpro Crew 9, 8 and even the 6. The bag does have a few features that are an improvement for e.g the carry handles which are leather on the crew 10 but with the handles unraveling after a few months of use, users are not impressed. Another problem area which seems to be common to Travelpro Crew Bags are the wheels which seem to fall off almost immediately.

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