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Bugatti 3 Piece Soft Luggage Set Review

If you are travelling to far-flung places or simply heading towards the border, then this Bugatti 3 Piece Soft Luggage Set gives you all the space that you need for all your items. The set of three should be more than enough to hold all your essentrials for your trip. Its zippered expansion system gives you extra space to pack more of your stuff. The smallest suitcase can be used as a carry-on. Though described as ‘soft’, the Bugatti 3-piece luggage set is designed to withstand the harsh treatments usually encountered in airports.




  • Comes with elastic tie down straps.
  • It has a fully lined interior and retractable handle that can be adjusted to fit your heights.
  • Features a TSATM user-friendly lock combination for increased security.
  • Has a zippered expansion system for extra packaging space.
  • Comes with a multi-use organizational pocket for easy packing.
  • Has four multi-directional spinner wheels for effortless rolling and gliding.
  • Has telescopic handle system with multi-stage locking heights and reinforced top and side carry handles.
  • Features 840D cross jacquard polyester with contrast details.



  • This luggage set has a durable outer cover. This is reinforced by a flexible exterior layer of 840D cross jacquard polyester. This allows it to withstand the harsh treatment that is encountered in the aisle of airports and trains. You can drag this luggage set across other suitcases and it’ll still look good when it gets to the baggage claim section.
  • It is expandable enough to accommodate all your belongings. You will compress them down and create a solid layer that resists damage. When it is dragged over cases.
  • The multiple pockets allow to store items even when in a hurry. This alignment makes it easier to access your items when you arrive at your destination.
  • It is flexible and light, this makes it easy to roll over with it.
  • It is TSATM friendly combination lock that guarantees that your belongings are safe and secure anywhere you travel with this Bugatti luggage set.

Bottom line                 

All travelers require assurance that their belongings will remain secure wherever they will travel with their luggage. With Bugatti-3-piece luggage set, you can pack all your clothes and still have an extra carry-on bag. No matter the haste you are on, its multi-use organizational pocket will help you pack your items and access them easily when you get to your destination. Click here to get it on sale over at Amazon.com with FREE shipping.

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